Welcome Home Kiwis

Collective wisdom, sage advice and networks to help returning New Zealanders successfully navigate coming home.

Welcome Welcome

Thank you for choosing to come home to New Zealand!  We are proud to welcome you back to help create the bright future we see for the country.  You are essential to making it happen.


It is a seismic shift coming home. Don’t worry, Welcome Home Kiwis is here to help navigate you through.


The brilliant news is 24,000 New Zealanders like you arrive every year.  There is no need to go it alone or have to figure it out by yourself.  We’ll be sharing collective wisdom and advice from other return migrants who have been through the journey in order to make it easier, smoother, and swifter for you to land firmly on your feet.


Welcome Home Kiwis hopes to bring you together to tap into the return network, whether it is for finding work, growing your professional network, or simply someone you can have a drink with who has been through the drill. Like the welcomehomekiwis facebook link below for starters.  Let’s huddle!


We know that sometimes all you need is a friendly face and a friendly word.  Together we will keep a sense of humour and steer clear of any locals who aren’t impressed with our fancy foreign ways 🙂

Any return re-calibration you’re experiencing is entirely normal, and it happens no matter what country you’re moving home to.  It will take time and effort, but you shall seduce the locals, find fresh and rewarding challenges – both personal and professional – and look back and know it was a pure genius idea to come home.


Welcome Home Kiwis!

Let’s Talk About It

Let’s Talk About It

National Radio Interview with Kathryn Ryan on Nine To Noon


May 2, 2013